“In Sweden there are still some “old fashioned” perceptions about learning when students have intellectual disabilities. I hope this book will contribute to a more positive way of teaching these students- to increase student’s self-efficacy and to increase teacher’s competence but mostly to change the mental attitude and how it […]

Interview with Supermamsen THRIVE Nordics: Was there a specific moment in time when you realized you absolutely had to take your thoughts and experience to a public arena and begin publishing? Supermamsen: As a mother, I felt very alone in our difficult situation. I then wished that there was something […]

Text by Maria Lindgren *Swedish version follows after English William has an ADHD diagnosis,epilepsy and autism and began experiencing difficulties in primary school. The difficulties became clearer in year 4 when he began to experience being bullied. William was told that he was disgusting and that no one wanted to […]