#aCTUALLYaUTISTIC with Mulán and Jiang My name is Mulán and I was born in April 2004 and live with my big brother, mother, a refugee lodger and our dog Gida. My father passed away when I was one year old and I tend to cling to as many reminders of […]

Inspiration for a Nordic Chapter of SENIA The following is a compilation of responses from SENIA board members as organized by April Remfrey. On the establishment, history & mission of SENIA SENIA: SENIA was started by a group of international school teachers in China in 2002. The goal was to […]

By Annie Mattsson It’s not easy to know what words to use when talking about disabilities. The accepted terms change over time, and different communities and institutions give different recommendations. That “idiot” is offensive is obvious. Most of us know not to use “retarded” or the Swedish “efterbliven”, but is […]

One size fits all? One teacher. One way of teaching. 25 children, all with different personalities and needs. Of course it doesn’t work. By Anna Lagerhed Our daughter, Neva, was born in 2009. It was a normal pregnancy and she was happy and healthy in the early years. She has […]

By Aðalheiður Sigurðardóttir I love autism For me autism is beautiful, brave, funny, clever, and eager to learn. I love autism because she is my daughter. This feeling is so liberating, and I am so grateful to have found it. But it has taken some time and I fully admit […]