Interview with Supermamsen THRIVE Nordics: Was there a specific moment in time when you realized you absolutely had to take your thoughts and experience to a public arena and begin publishing? Supermamsen: As a mother, I felt very alone in our difficult situation. I then wished that there was something […]

Text by Maria Lindgren *Swedish version follows after English William has an ADHD diagnosis,epilepsy and autism and began experiencing difficulties in primary school. The difficulties became clearer in year 4 when he began to experience being bullied. William was told that he was disgusting and that no one wanted to […]

During Summer & Autumn of 2020 we welcomed parents to share what their vision of an ideal school situation for their child is. Below are some of the ideas and visions that were sent to us. “A school that understands and accepts that kids need individual treatment and support. No […]

Editor’s Letter School Program Feature: Lärstudion Educator Feature: Ann-Charlotte Linton Interview with Anders Nordahl-Hansen, PhD Professor of Special Education Interview with Rebecka Koritz of “En Skola från Scratch” Interview with Giorgio Mazzoli, Legal Officer, United Nations for ADF International Editor’s Focus: Ann-Katrin Swärd (Book: Positiv Specialpedagogik) Editor’s Focus: Siv Fischbein […]