Editor’s Letter School Program Feature: Lärstudion Educator Feature: Ann-Charlotte Linton Interview with Anders Nordahl-Hansen, PhD Professor of Special Education Interview with Rebecka Koritz of “En Skola från Scratch” Interview with Giorgio Mazzoli, Legal Officer, United Nations for ADF International Editor’s Focus: Ann-Katrin Swärd (Book: Positiv Specialpedagogik) Editor’s Focus: Siv Fischbein […]

In this feature, we chat with Birgitta Henriksson, Principal of Krusboda skola in the municipality of Tyresö, about their special program “Lärstudion”. THRIVE Nordics: When was Lärstudion founded? Birgitta: The learning studio started in August 2019 here at Krusboda school. However, there has been a learning studio in the municipality […]

“In Sweden there are still some “old fashioned” perceptions about learning when students have intellectual disabilities. I hope this book will contribute to a more positive way of teaching these students- to increase student’s self-efficacy and to increase teacher’s competence but mostly to change the mental attitude and how it […]

Developmental Language Disorder—a Language Specific Disorder or a Domain General Disorder? By Annika Andersson, Hanna Lindfors & Kristina Hansson Annika Andersson, Linnaeus University, Department of Swedish, Växjö, Sweden, Linnaeus University Language Processing Lab, LiLa-lab Hanna Lindfors, Linnaeus University, Department of Swedish, Växjö, Sweden Kristina Hansson, Lund University, Department of Clinical […]

Social well-being of autistic high school students in mainstream high schools in Norway By Ingjerd Skafle Inclusive education is a political goal in Norway, meaning that students, regardless of their challenges, should attend their local mainstream schools which again should provide the support needed to fulfill their education. Special education […]